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With the recent tender and Penguin updates the world of search engine optimisation has changed beyond measure. What used to work last year and help our clients rank number one for their keywords does not work in 2016.

Optimisation is no longer a question of putting in the correct H1 tag or constantly repeating keywords and keyword variations, using bold italics ordered lists H2 is H3 except.

The use of language and the spoken word

It is now a question the use of language. One of the biggest changes Google's maintenance algorithm is given it a larger degree of intelligence. The intelligence is largely centred around its ability to remember and correlate sentences and even short paragraphs into its algorithm, looking for common uses of language like synonyms, antonyms etc in order to be able to disseminate between websites with information of low value and websites that are both professional and expert.

A simple example is to count the number of words within the website and then to identify the number of unique words within the entire websites content. An expert, with access to the latest information will be able to show the level of expertise knowledge and experience through an increased number of unique words.

Adaccus uses various metrics to measure whether or not the content we create falls into this expert category. We scanned in the number of books written on spedfic themes and made a note of the percentage number of unique words within the content.

Practical Applications, workable solutions

On a practical note this means that the content creation process starts with the identification of core keywords, is then passed to our own in-house content writers who in turn passed the content onto the client to ensure that the facts and figures descriptions and words we use are conducive of expertise.

New YouTube Video SEO

Many people don’t yet realise the marketing power of YouTube. From product testimonials to service explanation videos, YouTube offers a great way to get your brand in front of potential clients.

Maybe you have a video for your business already but aren’t sure how to get people watching it? Or perhaps you need some help in getting a video review put together? This is a low cost but effective way of finding new business and we can help you get started.

After that, we’ll actively promote your video and often push it on to page 1 of Video search results. With more than a billion videos watched a month, perhaps it’s time to consider YouTube Video SEO?


Penguin Updates

What happened? So on the 4th of October google released their fifth installment of their penguin algorithm, designed to combat web spam. 1000′s of webmasters were affected, including real, small businesses not doing any link building, right down the food chain to those engaged in aggressive or even blackhat link building tactics. We have the unique vantage point of having a birds eye view of what’s happening, since we manage 100s of SEO campaigns and track 1000s of keywords and we’re going to share our findings in this post...

SEO Costs

t’s pretty easy to put a price on your own SEO services. You’ve got the cost of article writing, the cost of syndication etc (assuming you don’t do all these tasks yourself).

But what about the cost of search? By that I mean the cost of providing a search engine service for us to use. Well there are some interesting facts and figures here and you might be even more surprised to learn that there’s more to Google’s own algo updates than meets the eye.   Let’s start with Googleplex, that 47,000 square meters of sprawling set of offices.


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